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HBM Soletanche’s Bachy SMART service is popular in several sectors. When the dynamic implementation of more compact deep foundation projects is necessary, the fast and highly efficient execution and closer contact with the client are the most important factors. HBM’s SMART (Small, Agile, Rapid Team) department offers an innovative solution for these situations. HBM has key role in specialised deep foundation in Hungary. About the unit, which specialised on small-scale works, we last reported at the beginning of this year, when Diána Liskány, head of the business unit gave a detailed presentation of SMART.  

Special prize for business innovation

HBM recently announced on its Facebook page that they has won a special prize in the Soletanche Freyssinet Innovation Awards for its SMART business model in the Central Europe, Middle East and Africa affiliate zone.

With the creation of this business unit, HBM can now mobilise its international, market-leading experience and expertise to deliver deep foundation projects with shorter project times, often as short as 2-3 days.

HBM has identified a niche market for which SMART has proven to be the perfect solution: more than 30 customers have already been served.


As we have previously reported, including in the context of the investment in the cement plant on Királyegyház, SMART is performing exceptionally well in the industrial sector. The solution is ideal for solving the deep foundation challenges of a project, particularly for clients and general contractors who do not want to compromise on quality or the use of the latest sustainable technologies despite tight deadlines. Examples include piling without excavated soil or using ultra-low carbon concrete. SMART’s service therefore represents an innovation in civil engineering that shows promising trends for more efficient management of small-scale projects in the future.

Source: Magyar Építők



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