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HBM Kft was contracted in September 2022 by MARKET, the local market leader general contractor, for the design and build realization of the aluminium recycling factory’s underground structures in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. The technical scope was two excavation pits for the casting machine and the pile foundation of the industrial hall around these pits.  

The primary product of the casting factory is going to be an aluminium extrusion billet mainly for the e-mobility segment. The production capacity of the facility is going to be around 90 000 tons a year, with the start date expected in 2024 Q1. 


The investment provides not only economic benefits, but it meets the HBM’s and its mother company Soletanche Bachy’s aspiration for sustainability. 



HBM has considered all the environment-friendly aspects at the early stage of the design, therefore a 12m deep, unreinforced diaphragm wall system together with a 2m diameter steel pipe for further excavation have been detailed and constructed. This alternative solution ensures, besides the benefits in the economy and organisation of the work, a smaller carbon footprint as well due to the lack of reinforcement. 


The environment-friendly design and construction were considered for the selection of the concrete type for both the D-wall and piles, thus a low carbon concrete has been developed for the project through the collaboration between HBM and the concrete manufactural, to meet both the required strength and low carbon footprint too. 


Source: Magyar Építők



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