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Because of the extreme price rise of the basic construction materials, and considering the slowdown caused by the pandemic situation, professional project planning becomes even more important in the period of economic recovery, which can guarantee the predictable and risk-free implementation even in the period burdened with many uncertainties. A solution is offered for this purpose by HBM Soletanche Bachy.

HBM Szervita-tér

With an outstanding service focusing on the aspects of economic efficiency and feasibility HBM provides solutions for efficient management of risks of civil engineering in the early stages of development. This could be particularly important in the case of projects, where it is necessary to handle the scheduling of the development in a flexible manner, or if it is required to adapt the management to special conditions of the work sites. 


HBM is ready to provide solutions for comprehensive tasks. Based on the designing and implementing experiences the HBM can provide full risk management solutions regarding civil engineering projects for the real estate developers, said Attila Szepesházi the engineering manager of HBM.  


The expertise in the special civil engineering technology is an intrinsic part of the designing services provided by HBM, which can ensure that the created designs could be implemented according to the time schedule safely and in an economically efficient manner. In the project development stage, HBM prepares alternative engineering solutions as part of its engineering and designing consulting services, which are supplemented with cost and time schedule planning in order to facilitate the decisions of the project developers already in the state of conceptual planning.    


A monitoring database is available to provide professional support to accomplish the above described objectives. It contains the results and experiences of the projects conducted in the past 25 years by HBM. In this way, HBM utilizes the results of measurements performed at the sites of earlier projects involving deep working site bordering, and at the facilities located in the vicinity, together with the experiences gathered from the 200 test loadings of piles, which were scientifically analyzed with the participation of university partners. This database allows the continuous improvement of designing methods in the civil engineering sector and facilitates the creation of optimum solutions in economic-engineering terms.     


Besides the collection and analysis of data to achieve high-level optimization HBM also places great emphasis on innovation. HBM was the first among the civil engineering contractors in Hungary that started applying new generation BIM solutions. 


As mentioned by Attila Szepesházi the use of HBM in the early stages of the development has a positive effect also on the subsequent stages. If a project is initiated with a low level of preparation, then many improvisations are usually necessary during the implementation process, which tend to divert the attention of all participants from the planning of the subsequent phases. and might generate new risks. The assistance provided by HBM in the early stages of the project development makes sure that the initial civil engineering phase of the implementation can be accomplished in a reliable manner, so the developer can deal with the later stages of the implementation without worrying about the initial steps.     


In addition to feasibility, a civil engineering contractor needs to place significant emphasis also on efficient time and cost management. The engineering manager mentioned that they have many valuable references where the cooperating developers could save a significant amount of costs and time by HBM eliminating the risks and developing alternative solutions for them. As indicated by statistical data HBM is able to save an average of 10-30% on project costs, and the volume of saving can be even higher if the civil engineering services company is involved already in the initial stages of the development.   


In the opinion of Attila Szepesházi, the actual uncertainties in the industry mean significant risks also for the developers, therefore a professional engineering planning matched to the conditions of the projects and to the requirements of the clients plays a key role in the success of construction projects, in relation to which the clients can always rely on HBM.  

Source: Magyar Építők



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