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HBM Soletanche Bachy is working on the only residental complex, that is under construction in Újlipótváros, thanks for PD Real Estate Development. The Duna Pearl will be directly across from Margaret Island, offering beautiful view for the Danube and the city’s finest points. In addition, the 100-room residental complex offers above-average living conditions with spacious apartments and individually designed terraces. The premium functional spaces of the residental building reinforce the feeling that luxury is everywhere around us.

HBM’s name is associated with the deep foundations of several office buildings on the Váci street, which portfolio is now expanded with special civil engineering works of the nearby residential complex. In the center of the 13th district, there is a huge demand for flats ideal for young couples, especially because of the closeness of office complexes. In the downtown, but close to nature, it is an excellent location for long-term plans.

On the site currently the anchor works are being carried out, but HBM, as the main contractor of the foundation works, is also responsible for the earlier D-wall construction and the groundworks.

The direct contact between the construction company and the developer, makes the cooperation easier and the preparation of work phases more efficient.

The Danube nearby is an important factor, not only for the panorama, but also for the work, because both the design and implementation need more attention. They continuosly need to check the condition of the ground and the impact of the river water level changes in the area.

Source: Magyar Építők

Photos: Bernát Benjámin




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